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St. Martin + St. BART'S

Go where you feel alive!

BVI 2022 - DONE

Virgin Gorda MAP.jpg

The Honey Badgers returned to BVI and it was Badgerlicious

*We were lucky given the crisis with Moorings.

2023 PIRATE SAIL ☠️ 

Pirate Flag


GO HERE for photos and info from previous year's events!

Pirate Action Shot.jpg
Gimple Boat Firing.jpg



2020-Needless to say, this was an odd start to the sailing season.  

New York is still not yet "open" due to the Coronavirus, but the marinas are open and the experts have said that UV rays and fresh air are good combatants against the spread of Covid-19*. 


The nice thing about our vessel Gitana is that she has plenty of room to socially distance.  

We keep our sails to a minimum crew, and we have plenty of distance between each other.  'Tis not only prudent to be good stewards of the sea, but also of other's health as well.  


Gitana Group 5_16_2020.jpg
St Elmo Crew w logo 2.jpg


Ahoy Honey Badgers!

We know this is a crazy time right now - but sunny skys and sailing days are right around the corner. After all, we are Honey Badgers!  We've got this!

While you "Stay at Home", feel free to enjoy some pics, tails of sails, and vids

around the Honey Badger site.


Stay healthy Badgers! 



Craving a little something fun?  How about a good 'ole fashioned sock puppet show?

We're used to being out with our friends and sailing the world and enjoying social gatherings... alas, the times have changed... for now. 

But one good thing that has come out of this quarantine: our little puppet show was born! 

"In the Land of Quarantine" things aren't quite like they used to be.  

Enjoy the adventures of Princess Penelope, George the nervous Nelly, Captain Gold Tooth the Pirate, and their friends as they learn how to cope in this "New World".

The show is (for the most part) family friendly and gives countless salutes to first responders, and medical professionals who are serving to fight Coronavirus.  

A fun little "music video" of us cruising around the Grenadines to the theme song of our boat "St. Elmo's Fire".

(this was all shot pre-social distancing, of course.



Dolphins are always a good luck sign!  We were lucky enough to have some escort us on our sail from Tobago Cays to Mustique.



The Honey Badger Yacht Club (HBYC) is a sailing collective of pirates and scalawags who sail the globe in search of adventure, merriment, and boat drinks.  
Often, we invite people to join us... (READ MORE)....

HBYC is also the home of the Annual PIRATE SAIL on the Hudson - always a good time for the REAL PIRATES!

AA_BUTTON_Pirate Sail.jpg
AA_BUTTON_Boat Drinks.jpg


Sweater Party GFX 2.jpg

The annual Ugly Sweater Party is in the books!

Thanks to all who came and donated coats for New York Cares! 

What a great turnout!

Read the whole story to see the pics and find out who won the Ugliest Sweater Contest.


Sweater Party 12_6_19 7.jpg

YARR - 2019 Pirate Sail 

Jolly Roger.jpg

Thanks to those who came out to plunder!  


Gitana Pirate Sail
Gimpels Boat 2 wfx.jpg


The Honey Badger Yacht Club (HBYC) is a sailing collective of pirates and scalawags who sail the globe in search of adventure, merriment, and boat drinks.  
Often, we invite people to join us... (READ MORE)....

HBYC is also the home of the Annual PIRATE SAIL on the Hudson - always a good time for the REAL PIRATES!

Pirate Sail Button.jpg
Boat Drinks Button.jpg
Trips Button.jpg
Vids Button.jpg


Drone_Agana Marina w Watermark copy.jpg


The Honey Badger Yacht Club came, saw, ate, drank, and sailed the Dalmatian Coast.

Some pics and vids are up on the Croatia Trip page and more good stuff is soon to come!

HB Instagram Page 


Welcome Sailors!  And thank you for your service to all military personnel this Memorial Day Weekend!

Fleet Week in NYC is a seven-day celebration to honor the members of the United States Navy, Coast Guard and Marine Corps.

HMCS_Oriole under sail shot.jpg

Honey Badgers Todd and Malisa hosted LtCmdr/CapC Drew Foran and some of his crew from HMCS ships Oriole and Glacé Bay for a sail around New York Harbor.  

HMCS Oriole is the sail training vessel of the Royal Canadian Navy based at CFB Halifax in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a sailing ketch, currently the oldest commissioned vessel in the Royal Canadian Navy, and also the longest serving commissioned ship. 


The Commander and his Coxn had such a nice time sailing the NY Harbor that they invited Todd and Malisa on a private tour of the HMCS Oriole and Glacé Bay.


All Photos Ctsy: Todd and Malisa Neville

Photos below...

(Click on any of the round thumbnails to see photos larger.)


Liming Beach Shot.jpg

The "Island of the Clouds"...

Warming up in the winter and rediscovering the love of this island gem.




Ugly Sweater Party 12_7_18 30.jpg

In December HBYC and Duberstacia hosted our Annual Ugly Sweater Party.

We collected over 20 coats for charity.

Thanks to all who came!


Photos here!

Draken Logo.jpg


Draken Harald Hårfagre the world's largest Viking ship invited us along a sail from the North Cove up the East River as they did their return trip back to the Mystic Seaport.  

Draken is a unique look into the past world of Vikings. The ship itself

is a Viking longship, built in Norway and named after King Harald Hårfagre.  Her stats:

111' LOA, 26' Wide, with an 80' mast and  260 square meters of silk sail.

In 2016, Draken and her crew sailed from Norway across the Atlantic to North America to relive the "Viking discovery" the way Leif Eriksson would have. 

Check out the video to experience a little taste of Viking life on Draken.

Draken Harald Hårfagre is always seeking crew to help with her various excursions. So if you're interested in being crew or for other info check them out:

And now, from Vikings to PIRATES!

Photos by Todd Neville



The Annual Pirate Sail was a HUGE SUCCESS!  Thanks to all of those who came out to plunder!  There are a few photos up as well as the tale on the Pirate Sail Page.

Saturday, September 15th - anyone who dared to venture near the Hudson River would have  heard a reverberation of contagious laughter, mixed with a chorus of raucous “Yarrrr”s parroting across the water.

Those were the sounds of the Annual Honey Badger Pirate Sail in full force in lower Manhattan.

At the end of the day, those sporting jolly rogers on their vessels would certainly need to dry-off — fellow pirates brought their A-game in the water-cannon department and the pirate attacks ensued! ...


Go to the PIRATE SAIL page to read and see more!!   ☠


Above: A large sailing vessel under sail whilst Pirating the Hudson River

Photo Credit: Todd Neville

Inna Pirate

HBYC now has a user forum!  Check it out!

This is interactive - so you can use it to sound off!  Talk about sailing, get info on the pirate sail, share stories, rant... WHATEVER!



F.O.G. (Friend of Gitana) Todd Neville shot some fantastic shots of Gitana while sailing with us yesterday.  Check them all out here!


Rum Day.jpg


Yes!  The holy grail of PIRATE HOLIDAYS!

There are so many great boat drinks that you can make with rum!  And for this occasion Honey Badger has included a special recipe for GROG as well as a few other classic rum drinks on the BOAT DRINKS PAGE! 

We also dive into a little bit of the history of rum and some interesting stories of rum around the world!

Whilst in Tahiti, Honey Badger Kerry made her own rum concoction by filling a coconut with rum and a few other goodies.  

Now that's the Honey Badger way!


Kerry w Coconut 2

Man: "I love you so much, I could never live without you."
Woman: "Is that you or the rum talking?"
Man: "It's me talking to the rum." 

167-Kerry Dunn w Coconut 3a.jpg

National Lighthouse Day


Honoring the beacon of light that for hundreds of years has added safety and security for ships at sea,

Execution Rocks

Execution Rock_3_TC.jpg

The first lighthouse in our spotlight is Execution Rocks Lighthouse.  It's located in between New Rochelle and Sands Point.  Since we sail out of New Rochelle, we see this lighthouse every time we're in the sound.  

It stands 55 feet (17 m) tall, with a white light flashing every 10 seconds.

This island on which this lighthouse sits got its name from colonial New York, when prisoners sentenced to death were chained to the rocks during low tide. Given that history - there are lots of tales of hauntings and paranormal experiences. Travel Channel even did a bit on the haunting of Execution Rocks.  You can watch a clip here.   

Little Red Lighthouse

The Little Red Lighthouse, officially Jeffrey's Hook Light is a small lighthouse located in Fort Washington Park on the Hudson River in NYC. 


It is dwarfed in comparison to the ginormous GW Bridge that it sits below.  The lighthouse is no longer used, and was doomed to be dismantled by the Coast Guard since the GW Bridge has it's own navigation lights.  Alas, the community loved the little red light house and a children's book by Hildegarde Swift "The Little Red Lighthouse and the Great Gray Bridge" helped to draw public awareness about it's fate.  

The lighthouse was given to NYC by the coast guard and it is now on the register of Historic Places.

You can go give it a visit yourself!


Seguin Island Lighthouse

Lighthouse Senguin.jpg

Here's another fun story of a potentially haunted lighthouse. 


This desolate lighthouse, which is Maine's tallest and second oldest, is the site of a gruesome story. A keeper who had recently married moved to the island 3 miles off the coast to tend the light with his wife. To help with his wife's boredom in the winter, the keeper bought her a piano. It only came with the sheet music for one song. Unable to get new sheet music since the island was locked in ice, the wife played the same song over and over again eventually driving the keeper insane. He took an axe to the piano, and then to his wife. Afterwards he took his own life. The ghost of the keeper has been spotted in the house, and sometimes on quiet night you can hear the tinkling of a piano. 


World Naked Sailing Day!



It's WORLD NAKED SAILING DAY! Honey Badger Don't Care!  You can sail nude, nekkid, clothed, whatever... as long as you're SAILING!  Just always, always make sure you wear SUNSCREEN.  You don't want to burn the parts that they sun usually don't shine upon.  

For a little backstory, (ahem) World Naked Sailing Day started last year on August 1st in Buffalo. 

I have a buddy from Buffalo (yes, you Sam!) who said they do this because August is the time of the year when it finally warms up enough to be able to go bare.  OK! To each their own.  Just be careful when pulling lines and grinding the wenches.  :P

Further info on Scuttlebutt (link).

If you do find yourself out celebrating Naked Sailing Day - be sure to tag HBYC on instagram @HoneyBadgerYachtClub!  Enjoy!

Gitana in Mystic



Gitana went to Mystic Connecticut to participate in the Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous.

This year the show featured vessels designed by John Alden and, guess what?  Gitana was designed by John Alden!  
Gitana made the trip to Mystic from her home port in New Rochelle and participated in the yacht parade. This trip helmed by Cap. Florian - the man, the myth, the everything!



The Honey Badgers have completed another fantastic voyage - our second sail around French Polynesia!
We first sailed Tahiti in 2013 with the mindset that it would be a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity.  But when the trip was over we thought "why would we only do this just once?!" Thus, the Honey Badgers have been having Tahitian dreams ever since. 

I have to admit - anyone who goes to Tahiti is lucky, anyone who sails there is really lucky.  And to go there and sail twice?! - I could die a Happy Honey Badger.

A fair warning to anyone thinking of taking this trip in the future:  Visiting Tahiti will ruin any other vacation you can possibly take. Her beauty is unmatched by anywhere else in the world.Here are just a few photos of the trip to whet your appetite... more photos and tales coming soon. 

Between the Shallow and Deep Tahaa.jpg

Anchored in Taha'a. Dropped anchor in ~15 meters of water, with our stern in ~1.4 meters.


As the islands that we love to sail rebuild, we all want to do our part to help.  One way to do so is by supporting Team Rubicon.  Team Rubicon is on the ground in the aftermath of natural disasters like Irma, Harvey and Dorian.  Please keep Team Rubicon in mind as they're helping to rebuild the places that we love so much.  





Often, we invite people to join us on our trips... so if you think you're up for an adventure - keep your eyes open and get in touch if you see something that inspires you!

Speaking of inspiring... we always welcome nautical tales of sailing and sailing photos.  We love to share our passion of sailing with all, so feel free to submit any photos of tales of the high seas to us below.  


You can also sound-off in the FORUM.  



Honey Badger Don't Care!


Honey Badger Don't Care... but we  do want to stay in touch with you.

Give a shout here and drop your info.

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