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Sailing the Dalmatian Coast


The Honey Badgers came, saw, ate, drank, and sailed the Dalmation Coast.  This was easily a "Top 3" trip for us.  

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Agana Marina 

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Saturday the 17th

We shoved off in the late afternoon headed to the island Drvenik (pop 168!)

For our overnight we would seek out the bay called Uvala Krknjasi (west of Drvenik).  


Honey Badgers Todd and Malissa were at the helm. 

We motored East, but when we turned South, we hoisted our sails and enjoyed ~14-16 knots of wind and a perfect beam reach.  We cruised a 7.4/7.5 knots down to Krknjas.  


Pulling in from the south we were treated to perfect turquoise waters and beautiful little beaches. 


They call this spot the Blue Lagoon.


Krknjas, the Blue Lagoon turned out to be a very special place. 

I found a herd of goats on the little island with the drone.  

(The goats didn’t take to kindly to the drone overhead). 

For dinner, we didn’t have any plans - and sometimes, it turns out, that’s the best plan of all.  

Sun had set, so it was fairly dark as we dinghied around the bay. 


With flashlights waving along the shoreline, we happened upon a little mom and pop restaurant tucked away in an olive grove called Knoba Krknjasi. 


They only had three things available for us to eat, which was fine, all fish dishes (also fine). 

We picked our fresh-caught fish out of an ice chest as it had just been fished up moments earlier.  


Above us: a grapevine - yes, they make their own wine, and yes, it is delicious.  

Beside us: a garden of mint growing like weeds, available to pick at a moments notice.  

And all around us: locals, all dining outside. This wasn’t a big spot.  The kitchen was open to the tables outdoors.  

And we could gaze upon the family inside cooking away as the locals enjoyed carafe after carafe of wine made right there. 

The grandkids that belonged to the owners were running around, playing with their new puppy.  

And after all guests were served, the owner sat down at one of the tables with his kids.  

We thanked him for the meal and told him how much we loved the food. 


Day 1, in the books and in our bellies. 

This is just the beginning... check back as there will be more to come!

INTERESTED in the Next Adventure?

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