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Sailing Gitana

July 6, 2019

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Gitana is the flagship vessel of HBYC.  Built in 1936 for Richard Danforth, she was designed by John G. Alden. 

Even though she's 83 years old this year, she's still our baby.

We've spent a good amount of time over the past few years getting her seaworthy to be enjoyed by family, friends, and sailors.
A very special thanks to all who help to keep her afloat - and a special nod to Captain Florian who has put in countless hours of time and elbow grease keeping her beautiful!

Here you'll find photos of her passengers and crew along with stories of our trips sailing aboard this classic beauty.

September 2018 - Gitana flew her Jolly Roger off of her starboard side spreaders as the Flagship for the annual Honey Badger Yacht Club Pirate Sail.  She's always a fun site at the Pirate Sail as she's on of the most Salty Boats on the sea!

Photos and Stories from the Pirate Sail here.



8/25/18 - Photos by Todd Neville


7/10/18  - Photos by Duber

Gitana in Mystic


HBYC Flagship, S/V Gitana (1936 Alden Yawl) is in Mystic this weekend for the Antique & Classic Boat Rendezvous.

This year the show featured vessels designed by John Alden and, guess what?  Gitana was designed by John Alden!  
Gitana made the trip to Mystic from her home port in New Rochelle and participated in the yacht parade. This trip helmed by Cap. Florian - the man, the myth, the everything!

7/15/18 - Photos by 'Stacia


Photos by 'Stacia